ShopBot Checkit: create part file checklists

Overview...A system for creating checklists to show the proper steps in running a part file and making sure that they're run in that order. Originally developed to be used in teaching situations where the teacher wants to make sure that the correct steps are taken to safely run a part file, it should also be helpful in shops where the ShopBot operator might need some reminders. The checklists are customizable to fit the steps in any part file and the ShopBot software can be started and a file run from a checklist item if desired. (updated 1/30/07) Lots of changes including the addition of a program to create and edit checklists. A partial list of changes is in the Checkit folder

Notes...The sample checklist included in the Checkit folder runs the ShopBot logo file in Preview mode, so your computer must have the ShopBot software installed but doesn't need to be connected to a tool. This update changes the format so that pictures can now be opened from a Checklist to illustrate a step, but this caused ckl files created with the previous version will give an error. If you need to use Checklists created with the original version, get in touch and I'll help get them's pretty simple.

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...160k

Project Type...New program

Additional equipment/software required...None

Special instructions...Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it. You'll get 2 for the Checkit program and one with the checklist Creator... which you can put anywhere that you want. Just make sure you keep all the files together in the same folder, at least when you first start working with it. Instructions are included in an rtf file that will open in Wordpad. There's also information in comments in the "checkit.ini" and "sample checklist.ckl" files...they're both just text files and can be read and modified in Notepad or any text editor.

Known Issues...None that we know of, but as all things in ShopBot Labs, test thoroughly!



Download ShopBot Checkit and Creator/Editor program


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