Gary Campbell's dovetail routine

Overview...These are the ShopBot part files that go with Gary's article on building and using a dovetail jig 
Notes... from Gary:

" The cutting speeds are fairly conservative, but there are some jog moves that move the cutter out of the way for changing out parts.  There are also moves up to X= -1 ¼” or more depending on table coordinates  X zero.  As usual, my menus are “clunky” at best and you may be able to notice that the closest I have been to a programmer was asking Ted a few questions at ShopBot basic a year ago.  That being said, I feel that for anyone to be able to receive benefit from the article, they should have the file.  Feel free to tune it up.  All I ask is send me a copy.  David Buchsbaum has done this and his version is included in the zip file.  He has changed the relative fence locations, move speeds and made changes to the menu system.  I am planning to implement some of his changes into my file.

 If you make the jig from CONNECTED (and sanded) aluminum as I did, you can use the include jig calibrate file.  It uses a modified Ted H. circle center file to locate the fences, zero the SB onto the jig, locate the far side fence and check the front of the jig for square.  To use it I clamp my zero plate and another piece of alum. in the jig vertically by both ends (within 2”) and run the file. "

Contact info...Gary Campbell

Download size...7k

Project Type...Part File

Additional equipment/software required...None

Special instructions...Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it. You can put this file anywhere that you doesn't need any other files

Known Issues...None, but as usual double-check the output files just in case.



Download Gary's Dovetail files


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