Nest_sbp: example program for the ShopBot Programming workshop

Overview...Nest_sbp is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the S_nest.sbp found in c:\SbParts folder. It will allow you to select a cut file and duplicate the file that fits on a specified material size.

Notes...This is one of the Visual Basic Express example programs that will be created in the Programming workshop

Contact info...Ryan Patterson

Download size...86 k

Project Type...programming example

Additional equipment/software required...Requires the free Visual Basic Express program from Microsoft, available here

Special instructions...

Known Issues...



Download example zip file


Confidence is a measure of how far along a project is in the opinion of the person that created it. If it only has 1 star then it's very rough, more likely to not work than to work correctly. 4 stars means that they think it's ready for prime time and just needs a little more feedback or testing. A 5 means that it's all won't see any "5 star" projects in ShopBot Labs because at that point it's ready for release!

Completeness really goes hand in hand with Confidence and is the measure of how complete they feel the Project download is. It could include important things like if there are instructions or help files available, but also might reflect if there are sample files or even simple things like a lack of icons or graphics.