Rotary Cutter: Software, pictures, and documents to use a cutter controlled by a stepper motor

Overview...This program converts an sbp file to a format that can be used to control the rotation of a stepper motor holding a cutter. The rotation angle is added as a B-axis move, so if the stepper is connected to a B-axis driver a cutter will rotate so that it's always inline with the direction of the cut. It can be used to cut materials like cloth, rubber, cardboard, etc.
Notes... This will only work with files that contain M and J commands and NOT files that contain circle commands like CG...they will generate an error so don't use any of the "arc" post processors. The instructions are for files generated with PartWizard, but in my limited tests it works with PartWorks files just fine. There are some images of applications, documents, and test files in the zip file as well for inspiration.

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...1.8 megs

Project Type...Part File Utility

Additional equipment/software required...A stepper motor (usually placed in the router mount) and some sort of blade holder

Special instructions...Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it. You can put this file anywhere that you doesn't need any other files

Known Issues...None, but as usual double-check the output files just in case.



Download the Rotary Cutter


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