V-bit Artist

Overview...This program takes a greyscale bitmap or jpeg image and converts the color value of the pixels into depth values for a v-bit...shallow for light colors and deepr for dark colors. Downloaded zip file includes a folder with a couple of sample images to play with.


Notes...If the size of the hole pattern doesn't fit your blank, you can adjust the total size of the hole pattern by either resizing the image or changing the maximum hole size. To check the maximum depth of cut, run the part file in preview mode and the max z-depth wil be recorded. If it will cut too deep for your blank, select a bit with a larger angle or make the hole size smaller.

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...42 k.

Project Type...Part File Utility

Additional equipment/software required...Just about any version of the ShopBot control software to get all the software dependencies.

Special instructions...Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it. You can put this file anywhere that you want.

Known Issues...None, but as usual double-check the output files just in case.



Download the V-bit Artist


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