Variablizer: replace Z-axis values in a 2d part file with variables

Overview...This utility searches your Part Wizard files for unique Z-axis values and then replaces those values with variables that you specify. It can either give the variable initial values or you can tell it to write INPUT statements so that the user can input it's value. Having variables in your files instead of "hard coded" values makes it much easier to modify the files as they are run, with things like accurate material thickness. Variables also allow you to customize how things like multiple pass cutting works...instead of equal-depth passes you could specify that the first pass will be 90% of the thickness and the second pass finish the cutting. Once you start using variables you'll never go back! (updated 1/29/07 interface cleanup and bug fix)

Notes...Tried to add enough prompts and instructions to this program so that it won't need instructions...please let me know if I was at all successful (or not!)

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...20k

Project Type...Part File Utility

Additional equipment/software required...None

Special instructions...Download the zip file from the link below and unzip it. You can put this file anywhere that you doesn't need any other files

Known Issues...None, but as usual double-check the output files just in case.



Download the Variablizer


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