BradyVac: Vacuum plenum file creator

Overview...Brady Watson has come up with a great idea for making vacuum plenums that can be custom sized and removed from the table when not needed. They involve cutting a grid in the top of a sheet of Trupan or other low-density material and then flipping the sheet over, placing in over a vacuum hose fitting drilled through the table top, and machining off the top to expose a more porous surface. This program creates a custom grid file sized to your project. (updated 5/10/07 ... Fixed typo in SO command causing a parameter count error)

Notes...This is NOT meant to be an all-purpose vacuum grid design tool but just lays out the simplest grid possible with the least options, based on Brady's experience with lots of vacuum systems. It's about as simple of an interface as we could come up with...maybe too simple?

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...36k

Project Type...Program

Additional equipment/software required...None

Special instructions...Most of the settings are hard coded...the border around the edge is 3/4", it's cut with a 1/2" bit that's zeroed at the material surface, and the grooves are all 1/4" deep. And if you select the "cut to size" option the cut depth for the outside cut canít be more than the bit diameter...if so it cuts it in multiple passes.

Known Issues...



Download the BradyVac Creator


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