Extruder update: added multiple passes on first plunge 

Overview...This update of the Extruder program adds the ability to have multiple passes when cutting. Also now works with PartWorks files

Notes...The arc option only works with profile files that are "flipped" parallel to the X axis. Information on the original Extruder and all this flipping business can be found in the March 2006 Bill's Corner article. You can test the new arc and ellipse extrusion feature with the "Ellipse test file.sbp" file that's in this download. There's also a file named "dish.sbp" that you can use to see how the Extruder could be used to create a bowl shape. Set the X and Y radius to 0.0 and the X and Y center to 0.0, and the rotation angles from 0 to 360 to try it out.

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...80 k

Project Type...Update

Additional equipment/software required...Part Works required to create profile file

Special instructions...For the radius of the arc to be the correct size the extruder needs to know where the original corner of the profile is, not the offset toolpathed corner. For this reason when you're doing the profile file for an arced extrusion you need to have your original profile with it's "right-hand" corner at X=0 before you toolpath it like this drawing

Known Issues...none



Download the Extruder update

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