ShopBot odometer: System Log Interface

Overview...The odometer is a very rudimentary interface for the ShopBot system log to show some of the info that's stored there.

Notes...It will ONLY work if you've installed the ShopBot software in the default install location..."C:\Program Files\ShopBot\ShopBot 3", and will not work with the DOS software. Also make sure that the "Write System Log" option in the [VD] menu is set to 1 "Write", or data will not be saved when files are run. And most importantly DO NOT use the values generated by the odometer for estimating doesn't have that high of a confidence level at this point!

update 7/03/09: Odometer is now Vista compliant for version 3.6.1 or later of the ShopBot control software

update1/04/08: The option to create reports in txt format and csv format for opening in a spreadsheet have been added, but they are very basic and the formatting is...well...rough. With some refinement it has the potential to be a helpful business tool, so any feedback will be appreciated

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...16 k

Project Type...Program

Additional equipment/software required...None

Special instructions...It only has up-to-date info when the ShopBot software has been closed...that's when the current data is written to the log file. Be warned...running it while the ShopBot software is still running could cause problems.

Known Issues..."subscript error" fixed 09/13/06 : various refinements 02/17/07 :



Download the Odometer for v3.6.1 or later of ShopBot Control software  NEWEST

Download the odometer for earlier than 3.6.1 of ShopBot Control Software


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