sTunes: Music from your ShopBot

Overview...sTunes is a program that lets you create musical Part Files that you can play on your ShopBot. It works by creating moves of a specific pitch and duration by modifying the move speeds and distance that the tool moves, varying the resonance of the stepper motors. It may not be all that useful but it's sure fun to play with. You can see an example of a song created with sTunes in the ShopBot birthday video..the file to play "Happy Birthday" is included in the download.

Notes... None

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...426 k zip file

Project Type...Program

Additional equipment/software required...Must have sound enabled on your design computer to hear what you're "composing"

Special instructions...None, just unzip and run

Known Issues...On my computer at least the low notes play much quieter than the high notes when I'm "composing". It doesn't effect how it plays on the ShopBot but sometimes it makes it hard to tell if a note's playing when you're using the keyboard.



Download sTunes

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