Rope Twister: an indexer program to create rope twist files

Overview...The Rope Twister does the calculations and creates the part file to do rope twist turnings on a ShopBot indexer. It needs one of the fancy rope twist (sometimes called Barley Twist) bits that look like a stretched out roundover bit that comes to a point in the center. The program calculates the angle that the twist has to be made in to fit your blank diameter and bit size, which may or may not end up being the look that you're shooting for. In other words, if you want a precise SPACING between the twists this is the program for you, but if you want a particular ANGLE of the twists then the spiral option in the Indexer Virtual Tool might be a better choice. [ Update 04/04/07 Calculator added to zip file to calculate twist values to enter into Indexer Virtual Tool ]

Notes...Your indexer MUST be connected to the B-axis in your control box for this to work. And the Z-axis has to be zeroed at the center of the blank.

Contact info...Bill Young

Download size...24 k

Project Type...Program

Additional equipment/software required...nothing other than an indexer and those fancy bits

Special instructions...It's possible...and quite easy enter values for a turning pattern that's impossible to actually turn. For instance you can't do 3 wraps with a 2" spacing around a 1" radius blank...they just won't fit.

Known Issues...None so far, but as always make sure that you aircut to test before actually using the file with a blank.



Download the Rope Twister

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