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In addition to high-volume furniture and millwork companies, novice and master craftsmen alike are embracing CNC technology in their workshops.  Once a taboo subject in the fine woodworking establishment, the sheer number of possibilities and advantages that CNC routing brings to the table is hard to ignore.  Craftsmen are quickly realizing that the CNC process doesn’t jeopardize their pieces' authenticity; it only adds to quality and uniqueness of the finished product.

For instance, precise-fitting assemblies that are difficult to produce using conventional tools can be created on the CNC.  Dados, rabbets, arches, inlays and even 3D relief carvings can be cut quickly and efficiently using CNC technology.  Designs that are too time consuming or impossible to create using traditional woodworking tools are now possible.  For example, knock-down furniture assemblies are very time consuming to design and get perfect without a whole pile of jigs and templates.  Instead of physical templates, the CNC uses digital versions that you create in software.  You have the ability to try out your design and assemblies on your computer before you cut into your material.  You can quickly modify your design on the computer to adjust fit, or take existing designs and transform them into new products.  With the proper hardware and software, you can take your existing 2D & 3D furniture parts and convert them to a digital format that the CNC understands.  This digital version of your parts can be transformed to produce any number of sizes and shapes of your original design.  One furniture assembly now becomes an entire line of furniture!

CNC Advantages in Woodworking Markets

The CNC process also allows you to quickly and easily tailor your products to a given sector in the marketplace using a value-added strategy.  Let’s say you create a generic end table as part of your furniture line that you typically sell at one price point.  You can add a 3D relief appliqué to the same table with little effort and then sell the table at a significant premium.  The appliqué can be any design that you choose depending on your target customer.  The CNC could just as easily add a v-carved design or border to an otherwise plain panel as well, increasing your profits with very little effort on your behalf.  With a small amount of creativity, you can considerably expand your product offerings and increase your customer base.

Arts, Crafts and CNC

Crafts people of many types are also taking advantage of the CNC capabilities.  They use CNC to turn out a higher quality product, to offer more products to their customers and to create unique products that competitors may not be able to produce by hand.  The time savings resulting from adding a CNC router also provides a distinct advantage, even if CNC is only used for initial shaping of materials or for providing unusual decorative features.  This means more time to think of the next season’s product line and less time invested in physical labor.

If you have and interest in 3D cutting or carving, please view this introduction to 3D and CNC.

A Few of the Woodworkers Using ShopBot CNCs

Elk Creek Woodworking, Tom & Deborah Twark - Forest, VA
High-quality furniture frames, architectural millwork and custom woodworking

Phoenix CNC Creations, Ron van Gaalen - Tecumseh, Ontario, CANADA
Custom 3D carvings, plaques, signs and architectural millwork

R & K Woodworking, Randall Ouellette - Vergennes, VT
Custom Production Woodworking

ChildWood Products, Dick McGuire - Verdigris, OK
Heirloom Children's Furniture

Beacon Custom Woodwork David Buchsbaum - Atlanta, GA
Custom Cabinets

Country Casual, Ed Goldstein -  Gaithersburg, MD
Teak Garden Furniture

John Fouillard - Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Clocks and More

Burch Company Wood Studio, Warner Burch - Durham, NC
Custom Furniture and Interiors

Country Toys - The Dixons, Olalla, WA
Quality-Built Wooden Toys


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A Recommended Woodworking CNC

It's hard to specify a CNC tool that will be right for all woodworkers because the nature of the work can vary so much. So here we specify what we consider is a basic woodworking CNC based on our PRSalpha 96x60. Besides a high performance PRSalpha, this CNC system includes a 4hp spindle.  If you will need to hold down sheet goods or other work suitable for a universal vacuum, consider adding a 16.9hp vacuum pump as an efficient hold-down solution. These components are all production oriented and will provide fast efficient cutting.  Depending on how heavy your cutting will be, you may want to consider a 5hp spindle for increased cutting power.  If you need to reduce the cost of your initial woodworking CNC, consider a router instead of a spindle, and consider a PRSstandard system rather than the higher performance, PRSalpha.

ShopBot PRSAlpha with Spindle

  • The PRSAlpha is an affordable, high quality CNC router perfect for cutting full size sheets of plywood, as well as foam, plastics, and other large materials.
  • With cutting speed up to 600 inches/minute, plus its accuracy and repeatability, the ShopBot PRSalpha can quickly pay for itself due to time and labor savings.
  • We also custom build tools in sizes such as 96” x 60”, 120” x 60”, and 144” x 60" button: Learn about this tool
PRS Alpha 96-60-8 (#10159)
5' x 8' cutting area with
8" of vertical travel
HSD 4 HP 230V 3-Phase Spindle (#12572) $3,085
Router Bit Starter Kit (#13699) $258
Crating Fee - Domestic $275
Liftgate Service $127
TOTAL $25,097
(price does not include shipping)
PRS Alpha 120-60-8 (#10636)
5' x 10' cutting area with
8" of vertical travel
HSD 4 HP 230V 3-Phase Spindle (#12572) $3,085
Router Bit Starter Kit (#13699) $258
Crating Fee - Domestic $275
Liftgate Service $127
TOTAL $28,395
(price does not include shipping)
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