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Instrument makers appreciate the precision and repeatability of ShopBot Tools.

Luthier Adam Buchwald of Circle Strings makes custom guitars and mandolins. He uses a ShopBot Desktop and Buddy for the efficiency they bring to his workflow. read the story

Instrument makers of all disciplines are supplementing their traditional woodworking tools with CNC routers. While the CNC may not duplicate all of the specialized processes involved in instrument making, it brings new capabilities that can transform an ordinary shop to an extraordinary one.

A CNC can bring two very important elements to any shop: time savings and repeatability. Mundane or repetitive tasks such as rough or finish carving instrument bodies, neck carving, inlay work and fretwork can now be done with speed and precision that will impress even the most discriminating of artists. And, it can be done over and over again.

Recommended CNC Tools

ShopBot Desktop MAX

The Desktop MAX's large work area allows you to fit entire pieces such as a guitar neck completely onto the work bed — yet the tool requires only a small amount of shop space.

Desktop MAX with Aluminum Deck and Industrial Spindle

The Desktop MAX with Aluminum Deck (general purpose deck) comes standard with an attached MDF spoil board and is considered our most versatile deck option for a wide variety of machining options. Because the Desktop MAX is completely open underneath and the aluminum deck can be partially or completely removed, you can add widely available dovetailing or end-milling attachments. See the Hold Down at a Glance chart below for more information on hold down.

Shown here Aluminum "T" Slot Deck partially removed for end-milling attachment

Desktop MAX 36x24 with HSD Spindle 1HP and Aluminum "T" slot extrusion deck $9,475
Desktop MAX Mini Enclosure $195
Desktop 7 Piece Bit Kit $195
Liftgate Service (if no loading dock or forklift) $127
TOTAL $9,992
(price does not include shipping)
Flat Rate Shipping Cost (US by YRC)
East $400 Central $500 West $600
Outside of US, please call for a shipping quote.


ShopBot Desktop

Our affordable, smaller-sized ShopBot Desktop is a digital fabrication powerhouse. In addition to impressive woodworking capabilities, the Desktop delivers engraving level precision and the power and rigidity to machine parts from wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials.

Desktop Package with Industrial Spindle and Mini Enclosure

ShopBot Desktop CNC

Desktop with Industrial Spindle

ShopBot Desktop with Mini Enclosure

Desktop with Industrial Spindle
and Mini Enclosure

Desktop 24x18 with 5.5" Z axis and HSD 1HP 100V Single-Phase Spindle $7,615
Mini Enclosure $195
Desktop 7 Piece Bit Kit $195
Flat Rate Shipping Cost (US by YRC) $350
TOTAL $8,355
(Outside of US, please call for a shipping quote.)

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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