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Artist and ShopBot Illustrator Dies
Sadly, Don Elliott, illustrator of ShopBot's early manuals and marketing materials, passed away on Dec 2, 2008. Don's fantastic drawings in the early ShopBot documentation did a perfect job of expressing our spirit and the "garage-innovation" nature of ShopBot's early days. Early ShopBot adopters will well remember, for example, the ingenuity it took to communicate how to string the drive cables for one of those first tools. We continue to use Don's illustrations in ShopBot manuals, t-shirts, and even coffee mugs where they still inspire a ShopBot "can do" attitude.

When it was time to start thinking about the first ShopBot assembly manual, Ted searched for a style that showcased ShopBot's homebrew roots. The solution came to him when he saw Don Elliott's illustrations in the boating magazine "Messing about in Boats". Don's creativity and style fit perfectly with Ted's vision, and Don was commissioned to create the illustrations for the first series of manuals. Here is a slideshow of Don's drawings (scans of the actual work). Enjoy!

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