From Hobby to Business:
Bill Seith's Special Forces Gifts

Bill Seith

Highly-Detailed, ShopBot-Carved Plaques Honor our Nation's Military

As Bill Seith says on his company website, " is a veteran-owned business dedicated to producing quality plaques and carvings symbolizing the pride that comes from belonging to today’s Special Forces community. Each item is created with pride, offered at a fair price and made to last a lifetime."

Bill, a Special Operator with a long military career, calls Virginia Beach home. Between deployments overseas, Bill has been a hobbyist woodworker for several years. A half-dozen years ago, seeing an ad for ShopBot Tools in a woodworking magazine, Bill became intrigued with CNC technology and purchased a ShopBot (a Benchtop PRSstandard 24 X 32).

Bill crafts high-quality symbols from the finest woods representing all branches of the military. Bill says he became interested in crafting these gifts while stationed overseas. "I would see Marine and other symbols made by locals around the globe. The craftsmanship wasn't very good. It really hit me that, one, I could do a much better job of making this memorabilia -- and that it was a great idea for an American-owned business. I'd been looking ahead toward my retirement, and thought Special Forces Gifts would be a wonderful way to honor fellow servicemen while bringing in some income."

Pictured here are some of the items that Bill features for sale via his website. Bill expresses the core values that inform his work: "Embrace the traditions, old and new, of today’s special operations forces. Understand their mission and the sacrifice to our country. Give back to the community and be the absolute best we can be. That means creating the finest products available."

Bill continues, " Good enough is never good enough. In my workshop, there is a large bin with a sign that reads 'When in Doubt: Throw it Out.' Any product that does not meet our standards gets chucked into that bin. I only send out the best work because compromising quality is a slippery slope that ends in having a mediocre product… which is not an option." Bill states that he's been thrilled with the performance of the ShopBot ("in six years, I only had to replace a router, one time"), and says that he's been very pleased with ShopBot's customer support.

Bill's story exemplifies a growing movement in our country. In a difficult economy, more and more people are relying on their own initiative -- making their own opportunities and creating products themselves. Bill is a great example of American entrepreneurship -- making products with pride, right here at home.


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