Chris Koontz on the Benefits of Integrating ShopBot into Manufacturing

Chris Koontz

Where: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, B/E Aerospace Inc.
ShopBot Tool:
ShopBot Buddy® BT48 Alpha

Career Highlights:

Chris Koontz has been building an impressive career as a leader in Manufacturing Engineering.

Although a very young manager, Chris is quite seasoned in his training and experience. He received his 6 Sigma Black Belt certification in 2001.;Shortly thereafter while serving as Manager of Quality and Lean Manufacturing at Morton Metalcraft Co., Chris developed and administered all Green Belt and Yellow Belt training. His efforts increased the welding department efficiency and productivity by 22.3% and 24.9% respectively,while reducing customer quality failures from 25.6% to less than 0.1% on specific product lines.

Chris’ current assignment at B/E Aerospace calls for him to provide hands-on leadership of the Manufacturing Engineering, Tool Design, and CNC Programming Departments within the Seating Aftermarket Division. In addition, he is responsible for facilitating all process technical support while leading B/E Aerospace’s efforts to identify, test, justify and install new manufacturing technology.

Chris on the Benefits of Integrating ShopBot into Production

“In my business, I always need to be looking for new efficiencies and greater productivity. I discovered ShopBot tools through a member of my team, who happens to also be a ‘weekend’ woodworker. He shared an ad with me for ShopBot Tools, and we both immediately recognized the various potential applications within our business

I am always looking for ways to streamline the production of our aftermarket airline seating components. With the ShopBot Buddy, I could ‘break a man from a machine’ in order to be working at two processes simultaneously. The ShopBot allows me to increase daily production numbers significantly.”

Chris’s ShopBot experience “at a glance”

  • From the size of the machine he saw in the ad, Chris expected the ShopBot Buddy to be “just a step above a tinkertoy.” When he came to ShopBot to test the Buddy, he was pleasantly surprised.
  • “This is a solid machine. I was really impressed with the ShopBot’s carving ability. It’s powerful, it’s fast, and it’s precise.”
  • The ShopBot software “is very easy to learn” and integrate into the production process.
  • “For the price, the ShopBot simply can’t be beat. And the efficiency that the ShopBot Buddy has afforded me has paid for the investment over and over.”


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