Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls

Jon Cantin: artist, designer, author, entrepeneur, Shopbotter.

Where:  Canada now, Australia soon
ShopBot Tool:  ShopBot Desktop is just one of Jon Cantin's creative businesses. A prolific designer, Jon says, " is all about instilling a sense of pride in not only yourself but in those around you while building unique, carbon neutral models that will be cherished for generations to come! Each of our projects include a free 3D animation to see what you are about to purchase."


"I've been using a laser cutter for several years, operating completely virtually — I'd create files and provide 3D renderings. The ShopBot Desktop enables rapid prototyping, which has been great. I dream it, then I make it. It's very satsifying. Also, since many of my customers own both lasers and CNC, I wanted to be able to translate my laser designs for cutting on a ShopBot or other CNC. And I love that the Desktop takes up such little space."

P-38 Lightning

A wonderful CNC project for anybody interested in aviation, this P-38 Lightning Aircraft features an extra sturdy build and spinning props.


The Stegosaurus was a huge, plant eating dinosaur. Now you can make your very own.

CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

The CH-47 Chinook Helicopter is the workhorse of the military, carrying equipment and troops to wherever they are needed.

"The CH-47 Chinook Helicopter is one of my favorite model toys," says Jon. When assembled, it's about 2.5 feet long and a foot high. "I wanted to make a sturdy toy that kids could enjoy for a long time -- into adulthood!"


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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