Cricket Trailer

Garrett Finney

A revolutionary idea in transportation.Built with a revolutionary tool.

Where: Houston, TX
ShopBot Tool:  PRSalpha 144 X 60

Garrett Finney is the founder of Cricket® Trailer. An architect and designer, he formerly worked on NASA's International Space Station and its "habitation module" (where astronauts eat, sleep, bathe and relax while exploring outer space). With Cricket, Finney has created an innovative twist on the traditional trailer, light enough to be towed by today's small cars. Crickets are compact and flexible homes-away-from-home in which to travel and explore our world here on Earth.

It's no accident that Finney chose to integrate ShopBot into the manufacture of his trailers. Cricket has re-thought the design of the traditional trailer; meanwhile, ShopBot has reinvented CNC fabrication tools to make them usable by anyone with the urge to design and make. "We started designing in 2009 and had immediate consumer interest," says Garrett. "By 2012 we needed to scale production; we turned to ShopBot to help us meet that demand." Cricket uses a full-size ShopBot to cut the aluminum panels that form the core structure of each Cricket.

The Cricket's shell is made from aluminum composite panels cut on a ShopBot. It provides an unprecedented degree of insulation without warping, mold or formaldehyde fumes. The result is a lightweight and athletic trailer that exceeds industry norms for innovation, aerodynamics and durability.

ShopBot commissioned their own Cricket for transporting ShopBot Desktops to Maker Faires around the U.S.; thousands of people attended Maker Faire 2012 in NYC, and learned about the enabling power of digital fabrication tools.



Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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