Education Resources for Digital Fabrication

As you make your case for adding digital fabrication to your school, this background material and list of resources may be of value to you and your colleagues:

Grants and Other Funding Sources

We've gathered a list of sources of grants and other types of funding for educational purposes. We'll be adding to it as we discover more; we encourage you to share sources that you find with the ShopBot community!

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Talking Points: Building Your Case for Digital Fabrication Equipment

These support points are provided by technology educators from around the country who have implemented ShopBot Tools with great success. These thoughts can help you make your case for adding digital fabrication technology. The list of points was prepared with the purchase of ShopBots in mind; however, you'll see that the points offered are relevant to many tools and methods of digital fabrication. We should emphasize the importance of personalizing your funding request/proposal to reflect the uniqueness of your school system and its needs.

  1. Using digital fabrication tools in the classroom is motivating! By making fun, engaging projects, students learn that they can be effective problem solvers.
  2. Using a ShopBot or other digital fabrication tool brings principles of algebra and geometryto vivid life; teachers have reported that it helps to improve their students' standardized math test scores.
  3. Beyond the hardware, the resources of ShopBot Tools are also available to help educators and their students gain the most benefit from digital fabrication.
  4. Collegial atmosphere is supported via the Forum at ShopBot Tools, as well as the ShopBot Forum where you can learn from other teachers, sharing tips and advice.
  5. Using the ShopBot in class allows you to meet state curriculum standards from around the country.
  6. Incorporating digital fabrication enables you to teach the CAD/CAM skills that are being used now in manufacturing; it gives those kids who are interested a 'leg up' in industry, as ShopBots are the same tools found in production.
  7. ShopBots are being incorporated by teachers using the Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum (as well as other STEM curricula), for much less of a financial investment than other CNC milling equipment.
  8. Easy to use and reconfigure, ShopBots are highly versatile digital fabrication tools: use them in the wood shop, the technology classroom, the art studio and the theater department for set and prop building. ShopBots provide many opportunities for co-teaching among technology and math teachers, for example.
  9. There are scores of uses of the ShopBot for school fundraising efforts: students can make plaques, trophies and other mementos for athletics, drama and math clubs, raising money to pay for school and community programming.
  10. ShopBot has created affordable Educational Hardware Packages, and also offers free grant application reviews to help you secure the funds for purchase.

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Educational Resources, Programs, Organizations, and Assocations

Need some guidance as you prepare to apply for funding? Check out these informative links.

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Get that Grant: Your Guide to Planning Successful K-12 Grant Proposals

The Book

Get That Grant: Your Guide to Planning Successful K-12 Grant Proposals walks you through the stepladder planning process and provides you with a variety of exercises to increase your chances of getting a grant funded. First, we will identify useful strategies and the focus of your project. Next, we will explore how collaboration and networking make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful proposal. Once we have laid the groundwork for our plan, we will explore the stepladder model – an easy-to-use approach that helps you effortlessly write your proposal. Lastly, we will address how to transform your ladder's outline into a solid proposal, by combining components and using best practices. Download your free copy of the book here.

The Author

Gina Weisblat, Ph.D.
Director of Education for Service
Northeast Ohio Medical University

Dr. Gina Weisblat is a faculty member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Director of Education for Service (Dean's Office) at Northeast Ohio Medical University. She has generously provided her book, Get that Grant, to the ShopBot Tools community, to help empower teachers around the country succeed in getting their grant proposals funded.

Dr. Weisblat is a National Kresge Scholar (2011-2013), winning this distinction with her Asset-Based Paradigm model. She is currently the lead evaluator of the MC2 STEM High School (Cleveland, Ohio) year long study on student achievement as related to non-academic factors.

Free Book Download provides practical steps to getting funded

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Review of Your Grant Proposal

ShopBot offers a one-time grant application review and advisory phone call, free of charge. Click here to submit a draft of your proposal for our review and advice.

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