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Whether you call it “lean” manufacturing, “cellular” production, or “just-in-time” fabrication, the logic and efficiencies of methods developed by Japanese auto manufacturers that focus on agility are now appreciated as key to the success for both small and large businesses in a globally competitive world.

Robotics and automation are important for production, but robotic capabilities need to be integrated into the cellular approach. For this they must be adaptable, flexible, and somewhat mobile. ShopBots help manufacturers move away from traditional, capital intensive CNC equipment that is enterprise-centric and thus inflexible -- a likely bottleneck for production -- to CNC equipment that can affordably be distributed to multiple production operations where it is easily reconfigured to exactly match the task needs of each cell.

“We can configure each tool differently for different types of products, without the expense of a bigger machine,” he says. “In the newest machine we have about $25,000 invested, so about every five weeks it pays for itself.”

Wood-Mode custom cabinetry employs some 2100 people in a 1.5 million square foot facility in Kreamer, PA. They have incorporated 16 ShopBot Tools into their manufacturing of Wood-Mode and Brookhaven Brands of fine custom and non-custom products. read the story

“I am always looking for ways to streamline the production of our aftermarket airline seating components. With the ShopBot Buddy®, I can ‘break a man from a machine’ in order to be working at two processes simultaneously. The ShopBot allows me to increase daily production numbers significantly.”

B/E Aerospace has boosted productivity of airline aftermarket parts by incorporating ShopBot Buddy® and ShopBot 5-Axis Tools. read the story

All of ShopBot's CNC tools are production-ready.
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PRSstandard series

PRSstandard series

The innovative CNC power tool you can take anywhere and run from any WiFi-enabled device.

ShopBot Desktop
A 24” x 18.” work area, delivering incredible precision in a small footprint. Runs on regular household power.

ShopBot Desktop MAX
A work area of 36” x 24” with 2 bed options, including a removable tool bed for end-machining applications.

PRSstandard series

PRSstandard series

PRSalpha series

PRSalpha series

ShopBot Buddy®
This CNC tool delivers industrial power, precision, and repeatability in a workspace as small as 16 square feet.

ShopBot Full-Size Tools
Full-size shop tools 96” x 48” or larger that perform day in, day out, year after year.

ShopBot 5-Axis Tool
Multi-axis capability at a surprisingly affordable price. Its wrist-like spindle head is another demonstration of our technology leadership.

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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