Camp ShopBots

What is a Camp ShopBot?

It's an ongoing series of get-togethers for ShopBot owners and potential owners.  The first one was held in Bill Young’s shop back in 1999 for ShopBot owners interested in using the machine to build boats.  Four tool owners and a few interested onlookers attended, and those of us who were there realized that this was a great way to exchange information and tricks of the trade very easily.

Since that simple beginning, there have been more than a hundred Camps, with some of the latest having 50-100 participants.  The process is simple; a ShopBot owner volunteers his or her shop for a gathering of other local ShopBot owners.  Sometimes there’s a specific topic - boatbuilding and indexer Camps have been held - but most cover as wide a range of topics as time will allow.

Even when there’s a theme for the Camp, they remain flexible enough to change the focus “on the fly.”  Camps are a great way to both learn new techniques and share the tricks that you’ve learned with others.  While Camps are not training sessions, they also offer great chances to meet with others who have similar interests and do some informal networking.

A favorite feature at every Camp is the Show & Tell session, where people bring either a project they’ve done or pictures of it and give a brief presentation on how the projects were done and the design decisions behind them.  The range and variety of these pieces is always impressive.  It’s not a contest or a juried session by any means, just a good chance to show off something you are proud of and to help others improve their skills.

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