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Now multi-axis capability is affordable.

The ShopBot 5-Axis CNC router is another demonstration of our technology leadership, as this tool delivers multi-axis capability at an affordable price. The ShopBot 5-Axis is ready for production cutting, drilling, trimming, as well as prototype-and fixture-machining in a large work envelope, accessible from all angles.

Our 5-Axis CNC is built on rigid ShopBot modules with extended height that allows good 5-axis reach. The X axis is a moving table based on ShopBot’s innovative PowerStick system. The Y axis makes use of ShopBot’s precision extruded beam. The practical work envelope of the tool is: 34” (864mm) X (extendable with a longer PowerStick to 82” (2083mm) x 34” (864mm) Y x 24” Z (610mm) (from lowest horizontal machining position to highest vertical position assuming a 1.5” [38mm] cutter).

5-axis tool in action

All 5 axes are powered by advanced technology, closed-loop, alphaStep motors providing production speed and precision. The tool includes a 2.2hp HSD spindle fit to ShopBot’s 5-axis head. The 5-axis head, or wrist, utilizes 2 alphaStep DG motors (from OrientalMotor). These are “hollow rotary actuators” providing a wide rigid base and stable motion for the two additional axes of rotation.

The tool is perfect for 5-axis machining of soft materials such as urethane foams, as well as trimming, drilling, and slotting operations in a variety of materials such as vacuum formed ABS. It is capable of light machining in soft woods, but does not have sufficient rigidity for machining of hard-wood or aluminum.

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Who’s Using a ShopBot 5-Axis Tool?

Musical instrument maker and repair professional Daniel “Dr. Dan” Parker manufactures high quality wooden mutes for trumpets, trombones and French horns. In order to produce his Facet Mutes more efficiently and in preparation for selling them internationally, Dan purchased a ShopBot 5-axis CNC router. Read the Facet Mutes story here.

Oliver and Sam Moore of the Moore Brothers Company have a passion for everything outdoors. A key component of their start-up, making boats and tailored skis, is their ShopBot 5-Axis tool, in addition to a PRSalpha 96 x 48. Oliver notes, “We really needed a 5-Axis solution, because a challenge in boatbuilding work is having a high enough Z-Axis to be able to machine a large item like a 5′ x 2′ dagger board.” Read their story here.

Software and Controls

Because of the many ways that the 5-Axis tool can be used, and varied design environments of production operations, we do not include 5-axis design or CAM software with the tool. However, the tool is easily integrated with your current engineering and CAM software (most major CAM systems post to ShopBots; those that don’t can be straightforwardly configured). If you are just getting started with 5-axis, for general production and machining we recommend and sell Rhino and RhinoCAM (with 3+2, or continuous 5-axis toolpathing) as an entry-level CAD/CAM approach for working with 5-axis capabilities.

ShopBot’s Software Controls provide full, simultaneous, 5-axis machining and run from the popular and straightforward ShopBot interface. It is a highly programmable interface. ShopBots run from industry-standard G-code or from ShopBot PartFile code, which is one of the easiest to read CNC languages for operators on the shop floor (ShopBot PartFile code is output by all major CAM programs; e.g. MasterCAM, CabinetVision, VisualMill, DelCam/ArtCam, most signage programs, etc). The controls make ShopBot very configurable in productions settings and make it possible to set up simple, push-button interactions for operators.

ShopBot 5-axis tool simplified

ShopBot 5-axis tool simplified


  • Standard work area 34” X (864mm) x 34” Y (864mm) x 24” Z (610mm).
  • Footprint: 42" L(1067mm) x 80"W (2032mm) x 112.5"H (2858mm)
  • Work area extendable to 82” X (2083mm) with optional PowerStick.
  • Fast, closed-loop Vexta alphaStep motors fitted with low-backlash, tapered-hob gear heads on all axes (two on the X axis) -- alphaStep system monitors motor shaft positions to maintain synchronicity between signal and motion.
  • Tough precision bearings and hardened steel rails on each axis.
  • Reliable rack-and-pinion power transmission on each axis.
  • Impressive cutting speeds of up to 600 inches per minute (depending on cutting bit and material) and rapid transit speeds of 1,800 inches per minute.
  • Step resolution of .0004”.
  • Sealed Industrial Control Box.
  • Emergency Stop disconnect switch in the Control Box with integrated and cabled remote Emergency Stop Buttons.
  • Z-zero Touch-Off Plate and XYZAB Proximity Switches for automatic zeroing.
  • ShopBot Control Software to run your CNC
  • Free Tech Support and User Forum.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Ships fully assembled (including spindle & VFD). It arrives ready to roll out of its crate on its own casters and start work (220VAC single phase or 3 phase power).
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Model Standard Work Area Price
5-Axis PRSalpha 34" X x 34" Y x 24" Z
864mm X x 864mm Y x 610mm Z

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