Production Aids

Air Drill

A pneumatic drill head for point-to-point drilling. This unit was designed to take the abuse of straight plunging that causes damage to the linear bearings in spindles and routers and will allow for precision depth drilling for cabinet manufacturing and similar 32mm construction methods.  Up to two units may be installed in addition to a router or spindle unit to optimize line-boring potential.  (Photo shows Air Drill mounted next to 4hp HSD Spindle.)

The Air Drill Unit runs off 85-90 psi compressed air and requires a dedicated output switch within the ShopBot control Box.  When the output switch is activated, the drill head is turned on and pneumatically driven to cutting position.  The plunge is then made precisely by the Z axis. Hole depth is set in the file and different depths can be done in the same file. [Click here for video of Air Drill in action.]

Chuck accepts up to 3/8 in bits. Bradpoint bits are recommended. VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition design software easily creates Part Files utilizing the Air Drill in point-to-point drilling operations. We recommend Air Drills for our PRSalpha tools only.

(#14528) PRS Air Drill Head – For automated drilling;  PRICE  $1,750

Dual Z Axis

A pre-assembled dual z-axis that can be set to run independently.  With the second Z set to run independently of the primary Z, the Control Software will allow you to switch between Z's.  You can put a different cutter in each Z axis and have a two-tool tool changer. Most panel processing operations require no more than two cutters, and having two Z's can significantly improve efficiency for a reasonable cost.  [Click here for a full description of dual-Z options.]

 Upgrade to Dual Z Axis (PRTalpha; includes motor, driver, wiring and router bracket);  PRICE  $1,995

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