PRS Retro Z Axis

The PRS Retro Z Axis upgrade is comprised of an extruded aluminum Z beam and a captured bearing system. The PRS Retro Z allows owners of older ShopBot PR and PRT machines to upgrade to a newer PRS style Z axis. The PRS Retro Z Axis increases rigidity and tool accuracy in the older model ShopBots and is a great way to rejuvenate a ShopBot’s performance after years of dependable service. The PRS Retro Z Axis is one of many after-market accessories available from ShopBot to improve older tool performance and accuracy. A PRS Dust Skirt is also included.

The PRS Retro Z Axis permits 8, 12 or 18 inches of stop-to-stop vertical travel and will not limit a tool's current travel in the X or Y axes. Multiple hole locations on the mounting plate allow for the Retro Z frame to be fastened at variable heights, and a corresponding motor plate is included to allow for the mounting of a customer’s existing 3.6:1 gear box Z motor to the new Retro Z Axis. PR owners with a screw drive Z axis will need to order a new 3.6:1 gear box motor (SB part # 002259).

When calling to order the PRS Retro Z Axis, customers will need:

  • The model number of their current Z motor, the model # of the motor can be found on the name plate of the motor.
  • PR & PRT Customers will also need a PRS spindle adapter plate kit or PRS router adapter plate kit.
  • PR owners with a screw drive Z axis will need to order a new 3.6:1 gear box motor (SB part # 002259).

ShopBot sales staff will answer any questions you may have regarding Retro Z upgrades. At this time, dual Z configurations are not available.

PRS Retro Z Axis on PRT
with strut-style Y car

PRS Retro Z Axis with 2.2hp spindle
on PRT with single-piece Y car

(#14501) PRS 8" Retro Z Axis - For replacing a PR or PRT Z axis with a PRS Z axis; PRICE $1,495
(#14502) PRS 12" Retro Z Axis w/dust skirt; PRICE $1,895
(#14504) PRS 18" Retro Z Axis w/dust skirt; PRICE $2,195

Other items that you may need:
(#15223) Additional PRS Dust Skirt; PRICE $210
(#10249) Router Adapter Kit for Porter Cable routers; PRICE $50
(#10253) Spindle Plate Adapter Kit for HSD spindles; PRICE $75
(#10254) Spindle Plate Adapter Kit for Colombo spindles; PRICE $75

3-Button Pendant Retrofit for PRS/PRTalphas

The 3-Button Pendant can be added to older PRSalpha/PRTalpha ShopBots and can be placed in a convenient location to allow ready access to the Start, Reset and E-Stop buttons.  The buttons on this pendant work in addition to the existing Start, Reset and E-Stop.  The 30' cord allows the operator to carry it to any location around the table, or it can be mounted near the computer controlling the ShopBot.  NOTE: Only alpha models can use this retrofit. [Download Installation and Use Instructions pdf.]

(#16315) 3-Button Pendant Retrofit; PRICE $275.00

Proximity Switches (X & Y axes)

Proximity switches are used to accurately and automatically zero the X and Y axes and as electronic limits.  The switches (non-contact inductive sensors; one for the X and one for the Y) are wired to a Control System Input.  They are easily added to your ShopBot.  Software for doing the automatic zeroing of the X and Y is included in the ShopBot Control Software.  When not being used to zero the location of an axis, they automatically act a electronic limits. Pricing here is for the pair of X/Y switches and cable, but single proximity switches for special uses are also available. Bracketing, targets and instructions are included in the kit.

(#14603) X & Y Axis Proximity Switches; PRICE  $225

Spindle Control Boards

The Spindle Control Board allows the user to change the RPM of the spindle using ShopBot’s control software.  The Spindle Control Board is wired into the variable frequency drive (VFD) and connects to the computer through USB.  The device is controlled with SB3 (ShopBot Control software) through a virtual tool; Tools, Spindle RPM Control [TR].  The Spindle Control Board can control up to two spindles on two of the same model VFD; the VFDs should not be mounted farther than 3 feet (305mm) from each other.  A jumper cable (SB#10256) is needed to connect the two VFDs.  The Spindle Control Board is compatible only with ShopBot alpha and V4G boards using SB control software v3.5.6 or greater.

Download Installation and Programming Instructions:

(#10250) Spindle RPM Controller for Yaskawa VFD (for HSD spindles) (included with all new spindles); PRICE $250.00

(#10255) Jumper Cable for Yaskawa (required for dual spindles); PRICE $10.95


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