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Built to perform like a big tool, built to be flexible, and built to last.

Our affordable, smaller-sized ShopBot Desktop is a digital fabrication powerhouse. In addition to impressive woodworking capabilities, the Desktop delivers engraving level precision and the power and rigidity to machine parts from wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. The Desktop can perform a wide range of workbench, prototyping and production projects. And it is a flexible platform to support your growing digital fabrication interests and needs.

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Who’s using the ShopBot Desktop?

Since 1995, has served a devoted global audience of industrial designers ranging from students through seasoned professionals. Core77 likes the ShopBot Desktop so much that they’re paying it the ultimate compliment: making a “how to” video series all about it! Here’s one of the latest: "CNC + OCD: How to use a ShopBot Desktop to make a compact drill bit organizer out of plywood scraps!"  Enjoy this and all of their ShopBot Desktop videos.

Sue and Ross Piper started Rainbow Ridge after both working in the construction industry. The company designs and makes top-quality garden railroads. Their ShopBot Buddy, and their recently purchased ShopBot Desktop, have allowed their business to grow exponentially. Sue says, “The Desktop lets us do intricate design quickly, and keep up with growing demand for our kits. We LOVE our ShopBots.” Read the full story.


Choose from two base platforms:

the Desktop Package with Router [Porter Cable 2 1/4hp Router] or the Desktop Package with Industrial Spindle [HSD 1hp spindle]

  • XYZ Movement: 25.2" x 20" x 5.5" (640mm x 508mm x 139.7mm)
  • Cutting Volume: 24” x 18” x 3.5” (609.6mm x 457.2mm x 88.9mm) [e.g. with 2" long cutter]
  • Footprint with Router: 36" x 32" x 30"(h)
  • Footprint with Spindle: 39" x 32" x 30"(h) [Spindle VFD fits to right side of gantry]
  • Minimum surface area to support the ShopBot Desktop is 32"X x 30"Y
  • Weights:
    • If crated, add 178 lbs.
    • 103 lbs [no deck, no cutter]
    • 140 lbs [total weight with aluminum deck and router]
    • 148 lbs [total weight with aluminum deck and spindle]
  • Frame: Machined aluminum members that are bolted together
  • Deck: Aluminum "T" slot extrusion, with MDF spoil board [removable]
  • Includes one 1/4"  and one 1/2" desktop collet and collet nut (ER20)
  • Linear Bearings: Fully supported precision linear guides and blocks on each axis [THK]
  • Drive System: Motors with integral, precision-coated lead screw with anti-backlash technology on each axis
  • Integral guard and dustskirt
  • Cut Speed: 4 inches per second (100mm/sec)
  • Jogging Speed: 6 inches per second (150mm/sec)
  • Resolution: 0.00025” (.00635mm)
  • Electrical System Requirements: 120V @ 15Amps [router or spindle]
  • ShopBot Control System software to run your CNC
  • Each new ShopBot comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.
  • Includes simple, quick-start set-up guide
  • Desktop can be ordered with a CE Package
[View computer requirements]
Model Nominal Cutting Area* Total Tool Movement Area*  Footprint** Price***
Desktop 24-18  24" x 18" x 3.5"
.61m x .46m x .089m
25.2" x 20" x 5.5"
.64m x .51m x .14m
Router 36" x 32" x 30"
.91m x .81m x .76m
Spindle 39" x 32" x 30"
.99m x .81m x .76m
*Nominal Cutting area and Total Movement Area refer to the areas that can be covered using a single z-axis.
**Spindle VFD fits to the right side of the gantry.
***Price shown is for Desktop with no cutter. Router (#12021) is an additional $360.; Spindle (#12605) is additional $1620.

Desktop Enclosures

    When ordering a ShopBot Desktop Mini or Full Enclosure separately from a tool, please let us know the age/version of your ShopBot Desktop Tool. Please Call Sales (888-680-4466) For More Information.

  • Desktop Mini Enclosure allows you to keep hands safely out of your Desktop cutting area, and help keep chips and dust off your floor. Easily attaches to ShopBot Desktop t-slot deck with included hardware. The front of the enclosure is easily removed and can be hung by the top lip from the lower edge of the tool for access to the tool bed. Enclosure is made from Duraplex- Impact resistant acrylic. Color shown in product rendering is for display purposes only, actual product is clear.
    (#10449) Desktop Mini Enclosure; PRICE $195

  • Desktop Full Enclosure is made of steel and acrylic. It reduces noise and dust for Desktops in high traffic, community work spaces. The full enclosure keeps hands safely away from the cutting area. For additional safety, the spindle automatically turns off when the enclosure door is opened. Assembly required.

    Interior: x: 40.375", y: 30.875", z: 30.875"
    Exterior: x: 40.5", y: 31", z: 31"

    (#005414) Desktop Full Enclosure; PRICE $995

Add WidgetWorks Unlimited Specialty Bits

  • The Plotter Pen Bit allows you to draw like a plotter. Draw signatures, logos or other images. Print large parts to scale before cutting expensive material.
  • The Drag Knife Bit enables you to cut adhesive-backed sign vinyl, paper, cardboard and thin plastics (up to 1/32”). Create vehicle graphics, professional-quality signs, banners, magnets or parts from thin plastics.
  • The Diamond Drag Engraving Bit allows you to engrave plastic, metal, glass and stone. Engrave signatures, logos or artwork. Create custom brass name tags for trophies/plaques or permanently engrave serial numbers and ID.
  • You can also add ShopBot’s 3D digitizing probe to make a copy of an object in 3D. Duplicate an existing 3D shape or a piece of decorative trim or molding. Very useful for luthiers, furniture makers and restoration work.

Other Desktop Capabilities

The Desktop Rotary Indexing Head is similar to a lathe in that it allows you to horizontally rotate a part being cut or machined, except that it allows fully indexed control of the rotation. This way, you can carve anything you want in the round (resolution = 0.03 degrees)

3"indexer - can turn up to 3"diameter  $950.00


When it comes to quality, the difference is in the details.

Like all of our tools, each ShopBot Desktop is built here in the U.S. in our Durham, North Carolina headquarters. We use the highest quality parts so that you can count on the tool to perform for you for years to come:

  • The ShopBot Desktop has a welded aluminum frame and steel rails, giving this tool the heft and rigidity to do real projects. Others may use plastic parts in their smaller tools — ShopBot does not. We don't cut corners!
  • The ShopBot Desktop uses the same control and software as our full size tools. It runs ShopBot software and ships with the ShopBot Design Software Suite so it’s fully compatible with other ShopBots and all of our ShopBot resources such as training, projects, and forums.
  • If you're new to digital fabrication, you'll find that the ShopBot Desktop has resources to help you. The Desktop's quick set-up, starter projects, and new ShopBotEASY interface will help you get to work on day one.
  • Customer support is available 7 days a week, including evenings, from our Durham headquarters. If you're just starting on the CNC learning curve or you've been "fabbing" for years, we have a knowledgeable, friendly support team that's ready to help.
    As one of our long-time ShopBotters has told us, "On a scale of 1 - 10, ShopBot gets a 30 for customer support."
American Woodworker

Don't just take our word for it.
American Woodworker
gives the ShopBot Desktop the thumbs up.

The past year has seen many entries into small footprint CNC. American Woodworker magazine, one of the leading experts in woodworking and emerging digital fabrication technology, tested the ShopBot Desktop's performance -- ranking it favorably against other tools.









Desktop Package with Router

Desktop 24x18 with 5.5" Z axis $5,295
Porter Cable Router 2.25hp (#12021) $360
Desktop Starter Bit Kit (#13698) $195
Flat Rate Shipping Cost (US by YRC) $350
TOTAL $6,200
(Outside of US, please call for a shipping quote)

Desktop Package with Spindle

Desktop 24x18 with 5.5" Z axis $5,295
(#12605) HSD 1hp 100V Single-Phase Spindle $1,620
Desktop Starter Bit Kit (#13698) $195
Flat Rate Shipping Cost (US by YRC) $350
TOTAL $7,460
(Outside of US, please call for a shipping quote)


Desktop Package with Router

  • Desktop 24-18
    • - Includes 5.5" Z axis
      - Includes ShopBot Control System Software & ShopBot Design Software Suite
  • Kit Porter Cable for ShopBot Desktop CNC
     (#12021) $360.00
  • Desktop Starter Bit Kit (ball nose,1/4 downcut, straight bits, upcut & downcut spiral bits – 7 Onsrud Cutters)
    (#13698) $195.00
  • Shipping Cost (US by YRC)

System Price = $6,200.00


Desktop Package with Industrial Spindle

  • Desktop 24-18
    • - Includes 5.5" Z axis
      - Includes ShopBot Control System Software & ShopBot  Design Software Suite
  • HSD 1HP 110V Single-Phase Spindle for the Desktop
     (#12605) $1,620.00
  • Desktop Starter Bit Kit (ball nose,1/4 downcut, straight bits, upcut & downcut spiral bits – 7 Onsrud Cutters)
    (#13698) $195.00
  • Shipping Cost (US by YRC)

System Price = $7,460.00


No computer degree is needed to run a ShopBot! Each new ShopBot includes design software packages selected and bundled for project designing and tool-pathing. If you are primarily working in sheet goods, want to do v-carvings, and/or new to CNC? You may want to start with VCarvePro ShopBot Edition. If you are primarily working in solids or blocks, already experienced with CAD, and/or have an engineering background? You may want to start with Fusion 360. These two powerful software packages include CAD/CAM to take your ideas to project designs to tool-pathing. The ShopBot Control System software that runs your CNC is also included.

We also offer software packages for use in signmaking, cabinet making and more. Aspire by Vectric is one of our most popular—great for designing and machining carved decorative panels and doors, custom millwork, moldings, signage, dimensional logos, jewelry, custom gifts and much more.

ShopBot Design Software Suite is compatible with many software programs, including: • AutoCAD • Rhino 3D • SketchUp • ArtCAM • Vector Art 3D • Cabinet Vision • EnRoute • KCDw • MasterCAM • MillWizard • OneCNC • Shape 3D • Vector CAD CAM • Visualmill • CabinetParts Pro • DeskProto • eCabinet System

Learn more about software.

Your Business Network


Digital fabrication and online communication — together they are playing an important role in reshaping manufacturing in the U.S. and around the world. The distributed manufacturing model, which brings on-demand production and the end user closer together, is also growing fast. ShopBot Tools is a leader in supporting these developments. Our free online community,, can connect you with business opportunities around the country and the globe.

We also support tech communities such as the grassroots Camp ShopBots and Maker Faires that meet around the country, and we supply tools and support to educational FabLabs and Techshops.

Free Technical Support

Whether you’re new to digital fabrication or a veteran user of CNC technology, ShopBot is here to support your efforts. We provide free telephone technical support 7 days a week from our headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. We also have a vibrant online community at, sharing tips and advice with other users of digital fabrication technology.

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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