12" Rotary Indexer


For ShopBot PRSalpha Tools Only
(#004736) PRICE $5,995


Gantry Tools Only – Hanging Mount: This option allows you to turn the largest diameter on a gantry, and does not interfere with the normal cutting area of your tool. For new tools, it is recommended that you get a tool one size larger than your desired sheet good cutting area. Give us a call at 919.680.4800 to find out what the best option is for you.

Gantry – Rail Mounting: For 12 inch Z-axes only. This option allows you to turn the longest piece of material, but it is not as easy as the hanging mount to adjust for different length blanks. It is usually recommended that you get a tool one size wider than the sheet material size you wish to cut.


Model Max Turning Diameter (inches) Max RPM Holding Torque (Nm) Backlash (degree)
12" (PRSalpha only) 19.6 250 59 0.05

What size object can I turn?

Turning diameter indicates the maximum round blank that can be turned in a given configuration; for square blanks, this refers to the diagonal of the blank, not the side width.

  Gantry Tools (8" or 14" Z-axis), Hanging Mount Only Gantry Tools (14” Z-axis only) Rail Mount
Max Turning Diameter (in) Up to 19.6 Up to 14
Max Turning Length (in) Nominal width of tools minus 17" Nominal length of tool minus 8"


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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