PRS motors and drivers

Our PRSstandard tools are powered by a system using open-loop stepper motors and drivers. The motors are manufactured by Oriental Motor (OM), a leading Japanese motion company, and produced as a special product for ShopBot with a robust, low-backlash, tapered-hob gearbox (3.6:1). We have been using OM's motors for over 14 years and are continually impressed with the engineering and near zero failure rate of OM products.

The stepper motor driver is also from OM. It is a new, high performance driver with a number of features that support smooth, accurate cutting. The RBD driver is normally a component of OM's RBK motor/driver package, but has been specifically matched to ShopBot's applications and motors.

Tapered-hob gearmotor and OM-RBD driver

ShopBot's PRSstandard Control Box and and Control Board are new for the Fall of 2009. The Control Box is a sealed, aluminum, industrial unit designed to mount on the PRS tools. It features an integrated disconnect switch that serves as an Emergency Stop for the tool and for a router or spindle. There are 4 RBD drives mounted in the box for full-size PRSstandard tools, and 3 RBD drives for ShopBot Buddy® tools. Additional drives for accessories can be accommodated.

The Control includes a key-activated contactor disconnect to disable power to the router/spindle during cutter changes.

The Control Board attaches directly to the face of the drivers to minimize wiring, and is fitted with our V204 Control Card. The system provides 12 Input lines and 12 Output lines, fully optically isolated. These I/O lines are used for standard features such as zeroing plate and proximity switch, as well as being available for user-added components.




Article on the Oriental Motor RBK Drive System
Specifications for RBK Drivers (PN# RBD245A-V)


The PRSstandard Control Box and Control Board are available as an upgrade for earlier ShopBots.

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