Design Software

Design Software

To make you quickly productive with your ShopBot, we provide powerful design software with every tool. Before reading the descriptions of the software, here are a 2 concepts to help you understand the software and how best to apply it.

Design software included with a new ShopBot tool purchase.

Along with the ShopBot Control Software needed to run your ShopBot CNC tool, we are pleased to offer two powerful software programs to create CNC projects with each tool purchase.

  • Developed specifically for CNC routers
  • Easy to use and master
  • Use for all kinds of applications/work
  • Runs on Windows PC
  • 2D CAD and 2.5D CAM
  • Import 3D models for machining
  • Perfect for v-carving
  • Used by beginners and expert CNC users
Learn More About VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition
  • CAD/CAM by Autodesk
  • Project collaboration in the "cloud"
  • full 3D CAD modeling program
  • Advanced sculpting and rendering
  • Generates 2.5D and 3D toolpaths from 3D models
  • Runs on Windows PC or Mac, with internet connection to the cloud to run some functions
  • Used by engineers and those with modeling software experience
Learn More About Fusion 360

Additional Software sold through ShopBot

Vectric Aspire

Vectric's new 3D modeling and CNC machining software - the easiest way to convert a 2D drawing into high quality 3D relief and CNC toolpaths! Aspire's new and unique 3D component construction tools make it quick and easy to create your own 3D shapes from drawings and sketches and to work with existing 3D CAD and clipart models.  Aspire is perfect for designing and machining 3D projects such as carved decorative panels and doors, swept flourishes and appliqués, custom millwork, architectural moldings, dimensional signage, bespoke company logos, jewelry pieces, custom gifts and awards.

More Details Download Trial Version from Vectric

(#11163) Aspire 3D CAD/CAM UPGRADE (from VCarvePro 9.0 or earlier) PRICE $1,400
(#11175) Aspire 3D CAD/CAM UPGRADE (from earlier version of Aspire) PRICE $400
(#11164) Aspire 3D CAD/CAM (new license) PRICE $1,995


Rhino 3D

Rhino is the leading affordable, general-purpose 3D modeling program.  It can be used for any kind of 3D project from making engineering models to creating sculpture (e.g. the ShopBot models on the Product page were done in Rhino).  Rhino has extensive 3D CAD tools and can be used with its own or add-in rendering tools to create impressive representations of objects.  Be aware that it is much more difficult to learn to work in 3D than in 2D or 2.5D (Rhino also does not have the convenient tools of ArtCAM PRO for turning outlines into 3D shapes), but if you are interested in trying 3D modeling, Rhino is the way to go.  Note that Rhino does not export any CNC cutting files.  It will export 3D files that can be turned into a ShopBot Part File or CNC toolpath file by a CAM program such as VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition.

More details

(#11129) Rhino 3D

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Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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