VCarvePro ShopBot Edition 9.0

Design software suite included with all new ShopBots

VCarve Pro V9.0 ShopBot Edition provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for cutting parts on a ShopBot CNC Router. There are tools for 2D design and calculation of 2D and 2.5D toolpaths and along with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3D model (STL, OBJ etc.). There is also support to import multiple Vectric Clip Art 3D models (V3M) to create 3D assemblies.

The software can import 2D designs from other programs but also provides a full set of drawing and editing tools. The toolpath options cover all typical 2D routing operations such as Profiling, Pocketing, Auto-Inlays and Drilling as well as 2.5D strategies such as V-Carving, Prism carving, Fluting and even a decorative Texturing strategy. For 3D you can Rough and Finish the model and there are options to project 2D and 2.5D toolpaths onto the 3D surface. Each toolpath includes appropriate options to customize the settings and provide a high level of control for different types of operation. In addition all toolpaths can be previewed to show just how the part will look when it is actually cut, this allows instant feedback to allow toolpaths to be further optimized.

VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition includes the functionality demanded for complex work while remaining incredibly easy to use and affordably priced. The software is used by cabinet makers, wood workers, sign makers, prop makers, plastic fabricators, hobbyists and in many other applications.

Version 9 includes some very significant enhancements, including;

  • Two-Sided Machining - Allows you to create double sided jobs and visualize them in the same session. The software flips the geometry to the other side avoiding misalignment in X and Y, giving you the ability to view the parts in a multi sided environment.
  • Transform Keys - Allows for quicker vector creation and editing where values can be typed to create shapes, move objects and nodes.
  • Smart Cursor - A new and exciting way to draw and move objects in the software more efficiently, you can snap to line extensions that don’t exist in geometry, reducing the need to create construction geometry enabling you to accurately align drawings and objects to other areas of the job.
  • Vector Validator - Identifies problem vectors such as overlapping contours or intersections that may be preventing toolpath creation. This means that with only one click, you can check all the vectors for issues before getting to the toolpath stage.
  • Export to PDF – Gives you the ability to export drawings to PDF allowing you to print to scale.
  • Mirror Mode - Allows you to define a component level so that it mirrors all its components. One way of thinking is that you can place virtual mirrors in the center of your job, vertically and/or horizontally, enabling you to quickly and easily create mirrored compositions.
  • Array Copy Toolpath - Allows you to duplicate one or more toolpaths as a block copy. This makes mass producing one item much more efficient as you only need to edit your design on the original copy and it will be automatically updated on all the other copies of the toolpath.

PartWorks 3D (Cut 3D) is now integrated into the VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition program.

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(#11008) VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition; INCLUDED WITH ALL NEW SHOPBOTS; PRICE $650 (when sold separately)

(#11011) Upgrade to current VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition ...Call
(#11010) VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition upgrade For PartWizard/MillWizard owners ...$600


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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