Software Comparison Chart

  ShopBot Control Software* ShopBot
PartWorks 3D
ArtCAM Insignia Rhino 3D ArtCAM Pro Typical CAD (e.g. AutoCAD/TurboCAD)
Run ShopBot Tool, Read & Cut Part Files X              
2D Design   X   x X 2 X X
Import or Convert Vector Graphics   X   x X X X X
2.5D Toolpath Generation 1 X   x X   X  
Limited V-Carve 5 X   x X   X  
Full V-Carve   X   x X   X  
Advanced Nesting   X   x X   X  
Limited Background Texturing   X   x     X  
Advanced Background Texturing             X  
Advanced 2.5D Editing Tools       x X 2 X X
3D Design & Modeling       x   X X 4
Advanced 3D Modeling & Sculpting       x     X  
3D Toolpath (Basic) 1 3 X x     X  
3D Toolpath (Extensive)     7 x     X  
Basic Toolpath Bridging 6 X 7 x X   X  
Advanced Bridging & Toolpathing options   X   x X   X  

*- Included with all ShopBot CNCs. (PartWorks and PartWorks 3D are special ShopBot versions of VCarve Pro and Cut3D by Vectric.)

  1. ShopBot Control software will create Part Files (2.5D and 3D tool paths) from 2D and 3D dxf files, from HPGL plotter files, from .bmp and .jpg (3D milling) and from standard G-code formats but does not allow editing or modification of the original graphic files.

  2. Rhino can make simple 2D designs using its CAD features. It is particularly capable at creating 3D models.

  3. PartWorks 3D is included with all new ShopBots and will take 3D models from programs such as Rhino or from Vector/3D clip art and create Part Files (tool paths) ready for 3D machining on your ShopBot. PartWorks 3D allows adjusting tool paths, will create roughing passes and will machine parts from one, two or four sides as well as insert bridging.

  4. Some CAD program have some limited 3D capabilities that will allow creation of models that can be used to generate tool paths with programs such as PartWorks 3D.

  5. ShopBot control software includes Typesetter, a virtual tool that allows you to v-carve letters or words at a specified location in nearly any font.

  6. ShopBot control software allows you to toggle on automatic bridges/tabs for any 2D profile toolpath.

  7. PartWorks 3D offers basic 3D toolpathing in addition to advanced strategies that include boundary-constrained raster 3D toolpathing, single and double-sided sliced models and manually indexed four-sided milling strategies.


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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