Do you need 2 Z axes?

> See Coverage Table below  for specs on cutting area with different Z options.

Dual Z

In many cases, a second Z can be used to provide an additional cutting tool that is ready to use without having to stop and do a tool change – a poor-man’s tool changer. This option is called a Dual Z.

2 dual Z-axes

A Dual Z is our primary two-Z option. With a Dual Z, two Z axes are mounted as close together as possible on a single, special YZ-car and not an add-on option as our other offerings. The other two offerings that follow are for very special cases and are not appropriate unless fully understood. NOTE: Even though the Z’s are as close together as possible, the cutters are still about 7” apart. Thus, because the travel of a YZ car is only about 1” beyond the nominal cutting area, a Dual Z requires a tool that is a foot wider in size so that both Z’s will be able to cut a common area of the intended nominal size. That is, to assure 48” width working coverage, a Dual Z tool needs to have a 60” width. To assure 60” width working coverage a Dual Z tool needs to have 72” width.

Additional Dual Z Axis; PRICE $1,995

Coverage Areas for Each Type of 2-Z Axis

Single Z

Nominal Size (inches)/Model 48 60 72
Total Motion Area 50 62 74

Dual Z coverage

Dual Z

Nominal Size (inches)/Model 48 60 72
COMMON Motion Area 38 50 62
Individual Z Motion 45 57 69

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