Vacuum & Dust Collection

Vacuum Holddown

Vacuum is one of the most effective methods to hold down parts for CNC cutting or machining.  There are two general strategies for the use of vacuum in holding parts during cutting or machining with a CNC router.  You can either create seals around specific areas to be vacuum clamped in a conventional manner, or you can draw air through a broad area of a permeable bleeder board to create a more universal vacuum. 

Read more about the distinction between Conventional and Universal vacuum.

The vacuum systems that we sell and that are described here are for universal vacuum.  When you purchase a universal vacuum, you will receive the vacuum blower plus components of a plumbing system that you attach to the pump and your table.  In addition, you will need to machine the plenum into your table (files are included in the software) and then cover the plenum with a sacrificial bleeder board such as Ultralite MDF.

Read Vacuum Instructions for a more complete understanding of these systems and their installation.

Universal Vacuum Hold Down Systems

(These are not dust collection systems)

Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Model VTLF 2.250 - Capacity: 174 SCFM open flow. Maximum vacuum: 24” Hg.

Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump with carbon vanes, built-in suction filter with clear cover, integrated check valve, vacuum regulating valve, blow-off valve/silencer, 2½” BSP x 2” NPT reducer bushing, and coupled to an 10 HP, 208/230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz., TEFC motor.

Please specify/verify voltage when ordering (208v-28.5amp, 230v-25.8amp, 460v-12.9amp).

[Spec sheet - pdf]
More information is available at Becker's website.

10hp Rotary Vane Blower; PRICE $7,650

Republic Regenerative Blower

10.1hp, 13"Hg@190CFM w/pump, motor starter, PVC kit, filter, relief valve, vacuum gauge, 208v, 230v, or 460v; Single-Phase; 82dBa.
More information is available at Republic's website.

10.1hp Regenerative Blower; call for pricing


Vacuum Hold Down

Dust Collection

A quality dust-collection system is as important as any other tool in your shop.  Not only does proper dust collection ensure that your shop will stay clean, but it also protects your lungs from fine wood particles, chemicals, fungi and bacteria that have the potential to cause irritation and serious damage due to prolonged exposure.

Fein 9-20-28 Turbo II Vacuum / Dust Extractor

Powerful wet and dry dust extractor for connecting power tools during workshop and installation use.


  •  Motor Power: 1,100 Watts
  • Static Water Lift: 98.4"
  • Air Flow: 151 CFM
  • Dry Capacity: 8.4 Gallons
  • Noise Level: 67dB
  • Tool Weight: 20.0 lbs

 (#004430) Fein Turbo II 8.4 Gallon; PRICE $463.00

Oneida 1.5HP Mini Gorilla Cyclone Dust Collector

Designed specifically for smaller workshops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, Oneida’s Mini-Gorilla combines the quality and performance of a commercial system with the features and convenience of personal home units. Built to last a lifetime using industrial-grade materials, this portable system comes packed with new innovative features that have already earned it recognition as one of the best portable units on the market. Recommended for tools with 4" to 6" dust collection ports; which may be purchased separately.


  • 1.5HP 110V Industrial U.S. Made Fan Blower Motor
  • Integrated High-Efficiency Cyclone Separator with 5" Inlet
  • 3rd Party Tested HEPA Cartridge Filter with Easy-Clean Port
  • Compact, Steel Mobility Stand with Locking, Non-Marking Casters
  • 22 Gallon Drop-Down Waste Container with Casters and Viewing Window
  • Plastic Liner Bag Gripping System (2 Free Bags Included)
  • Real CFM Rating: 583 Actual CFM at 2" S.P.
  • Noise Level: 80.5 dBA @ 10 ft
  • Weight: 85 lbs

(#005934 Oneida Mini Gorilla 22 Gallon KIT; PRICE $1492.00
Includes: 1- Molded Mini Gorilla Cyclone, 1- Hose Adapter 5x4x4, 3-Hose Clamps.

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