Archive of ShopBot Control System Software

In case where you need an older version

(Click to download; each 12 to 20 MB)

    SB3.8.44 (slowed USB)



    SB3.5.10 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G)

    SB3.5.20 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G)

    SB3.6.1 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G)

    SB3.6.18 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G) 

    SB3.6.38 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G) 

    SB3.6.44 (PRS, PRTalpha, PRT_Ver4G) 


Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.

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