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The video to the right is an overview of what we cover in our 2-day trainings on-site at ShopBot. Our goals with training are to empower new users to be comfortable quickly with using the tool, then broadly go over software, and as the day goes on, we cover a few things more in-depth. We also use this training to remind experienced users of best practices.

ShopBot’s 2-Day Basic Training Outline
International Computer Configuration
Online training tutorials and videos
More resources:

For FabLabs, TechShops, and other community work spaces, we recommend having a staff member be the “ShopBot Champion.” The champion would take responsibility for making sure the tool is kept in proper working condition, be responsible for training others on safety, and for upkeep responsibilities. A very useful strategy is to create and keep a notebook with the tool that outlines proper tool settings and start-up/shut-down/operating procedures.

Tool Maintenance

Proper tool maintenance is critical to the performance and life span of a ShopBot tool. Our tools do not require extensive maintenance, but issues do come up now and again.

Please let us know if you need additional information and/or if something comes up while you’re in the field that requires better awareness or documentation. We constantly strive to improve our tools and our customer’s experience with them.

Troubleshooting Mechanicals
Control Box Wiring & Power Specifications for PRSalpha Tools
ShopBot Docs Maintenance files online
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