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ShopBot-related resources

ShopBot Forum - The famous ShopBot Forum is one of the most active product-oriented forums on the web. A great place to ask questions about a project you're working on, a customization you're thinking about, or just to hang out.

The ShopBot wiki - The wiki is an archive of ShopBot information that is created and edited by ShopBotters...a ShopBot "encyclopedia" of sorts. It only works if enough people contribute and help out, so please check it out

Dr. ShopBot - a diagnostic wiki that supplements ShopBot support..check here first if you're having a support problem to see if it's already been covered by Dr ShopBot.

100kGarages - Find and download projects to make on your ShopBot from 100kGarages, and register as a Fabber so that Makers can find you for cutting jobs

ShopBot channel on youTube - The home of "official" ShopBot videos on the web

The "ShopBotters" channel - A collection of videos that ShopBotters have created and posted on youTube. If you know of any we missed please let us know

Camp ShopBot photos on Flickr - Pictures from the ShopBot Camps that are held all in ShopBotter's shops over the country (and world). If you've got pictures from one of the camps please send them on.

Camp ShopBot blog - Read Bill P.'s report from each of the ShopBot Camps.

ShopBot pictures on Picasa - Pictures taken by ShopBot at ShopBot events or in the ShopBot headquarters

ShopBot Labs - A section of the ShopBot website where you can find projects of all kinds that might not be ready for "prime time". The only way projects can graduate from ShopBot Labs is if ShopBotters try them out and give some feedback, so please try them out and let us know what you think.

SketchUp models of ShopBots and accessories - Models of many of the Tools, accessories , and projects are available for download from the SketchUp 3d warehouse...a create way to help you design your shop or just daydream. SketchUp is available as a free download from, and there's a free SketchUp Viewer if you just want to look at the models.

ShopBot CafePress store - Show your ShopBot pride and buy all kinds of ShopBot stuff!

Help Quick Start [HQ] - Can be found in the Help Menu of the ShopBot software. Shows how to get started cutting a file.

Help Keyboard Shortcuts [HK] - Gives keyboard short cuts you can use while running the tool. These include how to change the cutting speed "on-the-fly", also know as feed-rate override, as well as shortcuts for re-running the current file.

CNC resources based on suggestions from ShopBotters at Camp ShopBots, Jamborees, the Forum and elsewhere.

Our thanks to Bill Palumbo who has done the bulk of the work.

Router Bits

Onsrud Cutter - U.S. manufacture of high-speed steel, carbide tip, solid carbide and diamond-coated router tooling.

Active Machine and Tool - Manufactures, services and distributes diamond, solid carbide, brazed carbide and HSS tooling for the woodworking/plastic industry.

Centurion Tools - Solid carbide CNC router bits, and metalworking cutters.

Antares - Quality cutting tools for engraving, sign making and mold making.

MSC Industrial Supply Company - One of the nation's largest direct marketers of industrial supplies and equipment.


Shape 3D - Design software for surf and sailboard design and CNC shaping. Free demo available.

Digital Furniture - 3D furniture models for architectural and interior visualization with V-ray shaders. Free models available to download.

Enroute Software - CNC software for the sign making, wood working and fabrication industries.


Texture Plus Panels - Pre-cut and finished HDU textured panels. Usable in many different applications for ShopBotters, from fire place surrounds to signage.

RenShape - Modeling & styling boards are designed and formulated to meet the wide scope of tooling, modeling, prototyping and fabricating applications found throughout industry today.

Sign Foam - Lightweight, easy-to-fabricate high density urethane (HDU) board. A great alternative to wood for interior and exterior signage.

Gasket Materials for Hold-Down Fixtures

All*Star Adhesives -  Thin, adaptable gasketing materials to make vacuum jigs, pods and pucks. The most informative resources on the topic of using vacuum for a hold down.


MAS Epoxies - Advanced, high performance, user-friendly epoxy formulas.

Jamestown Distributors – Sikaflex 291, a flxible, tenacious marine polyurethane adhesive in a tube.

PVC Board (Sintra/Komatex)

Harbor Sales -

Vycom -

Paint Mask

For getting clean edges on V carved letters and shapes.

Harbor Sales -

Interesting Coatings

Sculpt Nouveau - Water-based exterior metallic coatings and patinas.

Industrial Polymers Incorporated - High-performance RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) urethane products for casting, molding, coating and sealing applications.

T.J. Ronan Paint Co. – Sign paints, Water Based Coatings, lead free products, Clears, Japan Colors and Faux Finish.

Tap Plastics
Magic-Sculp - Alternative to potters' compounds. Creates extra-fine, highly detailed sculpture projects
Magic-Smooth - Two-part epoxy similar in use to Magic-Sculp but with has a thinner consistency.

Vacuum Clamping/Bagging/Materials

The following companies are sources of parts for the combination clamping/bagging setup that has been demonstrated at several Camp ShopBots.

Hobby Vac -  A set of full plans (and also a source of a pre-made heating element) to build your own vacuum forming machine. Ideal way to utilize your ShopBot's 3D capabilities of the to make prototypes.

Veneer Supplies - Vacuum check valve.
They also carry ALL of the necessary brass fittings for building the rig and bag, and they have a great set of tutorials regarding veneer clamping as well as other options for pump setups. They now also carry a kit, which includes a vacuum pump, fittings, etc. that will double as a hold down.

Surplus Center - Vacuum pumpL: Item #4-1540.

MSC Industrial Supply - Vacuum switch: Item #56499197.

Vacuum Tanks - We got ours from Surplus Center, but have since learned that you can get bigger tanks/better deals from Harbor Freight, and - in SOME areas - Home Depot carries just the tanks for air compressors which will also work.

Vaccon - Vacuum parts and fittings for high end usage.

Templating System for accurately measuring CNC cabinet and countertop jobs

eTemplate System - Digitizing technology for digital field templating ("as-built" measuring).  It is widely used in the woodworking, solid surface, laminate, and stone, countertop fabrication industry.

3D content sites (free files/tutorials/links)

The following files can be carved/cut using a number of 3D CAM packages.

3D Content from Sites that charge for their files

(These companies will charge anywhere from $10--$1,000 for files from their stock collections, or made on a custom basis…) (3D modeling/training by James Booth, former director of Delcam, North America)

Mold Making




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