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There are always a lot of projects in the works at ShopBot.  Some are things that will make life easier for ShopBotters, and some are updates to existing programs like Virtual Tools that just need a little bit of final testing before they make into the ShopBot control software.  Others are projects that might have stalled and are looking for someone who's interested enough to continue along with it.  And lots are things that we just don't know what to do with...basically oddball stuff.  ShopBot Labs is our way of making them available for ShopBotters who enjoy experimenting and maybe helping out a little

There's one thing we really need to be clear about upfront.  There's no guarantee that any of these projects do what they are supposed to, or even that they'll do anything at all.  Any files created should be thoroughly tested by running in Preview mode and air cutting until you're sure that there are no surprises.  As long as you're aware of this, please feel free to try out the ones that interest you.  The only thing we ask is that you give back by reporting any problems that you find to the person who's working on it, NOT to the ShopBot support folks.  The contact info for each project is on its download page, but please be patient if you send feedback...these may be low-priority projects for the developer, and it might take a while for them to reply.  We also occasionally post information that might be of interest on the ShopBot Labs Blog, so check there periodically to see if there's anything new.

We'll start with a couple of projects and add more if it looks like there's interest.  Remember, the only way to ensure that more projects will be available is to try them out and give us feedback so we can release these and add new ones.  As long as you understand that these projects are development versions and betas and might not work the way they're supposed to, agree to hold ShopBot harmless if there are problems with them, and still want to give them a try, then select the project that interests you below...

Projects currently available from ShopBot Labs :

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