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August 2016 eNews

Summer Doesn't Stop ShopBotters!

Historical Restoration’s Modern Day Ally
Charlie Robbins is a contractor who was charged with restoring a home built in the 19th century in upstate New York. While jobs like these are common, this particular home’s exterior had lost much of its original splendor over a century of changing seasons, and was in need of extensive work. Armed with only a ShopBot PRSalpha and grainy photograph of the home’s original state, Charlie undertook his most extensive restoration job to date.

ShopBot’s Thea Eck chronicles Charlie’s process, challenges, and breathtaking results in using the latest digital fabrication technology to recreate a century-old classic.

Topics this month include:

  • A Focus on Education
  • ShopBot on the Road
    • A Brief Timeline of Mobile Digital Fabrication Equipment
  • ShopBotters at Work
    • Visionary Effects' Interdisciplinary Portfolio the Work of One Person
    • Saw Horses & SketchUp
  • Attending IWF in Atlanta Later This Month?
  • Training
  • Camp ShopBot
  • Upcoming Events
  • ShopBotters Get Social

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