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November  2014

Now Available - Taller Desktop Z-axis Kit

The new Desktop Z-axis provides an additional 1.5 inches of travel for a total of 5.5” of travel. Earlier machines (shipped prior to mid-March 2014) have a 4” Z axis and can be upgraded using the new 5.5” Z-axis upgrade kit. The kit also includes a Z axis proximity switch, which helps keep the Z from losing position and can reset the Z position if it is lost. You must know the kind of rails you have on your machine when ordering a kit.

Rail identification and Kit installation information can be found here: > Desktop 5.5" Z-axis Retrofit

Call ShopBot 919-680-4800 to order.

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ShopBot Events in October and November

Nov 1  Camp ShopBot, Maine
Nov 6-7  Basic Training Classes at ShopBot
Nov 9  Camp ShopBot, Kansas City, MO
Nov 17 Digifab, Baltimore MD

Dec 4-5  Basic Training Classes at ShopBot
Dec 10  Online WebClass Training 1-3PM Eastern

For more info go to Coming Events  For info on specific camps see the Camp ShopBots/UserGroups/Training topic on the Talk ShopBot Forum




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