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January 2017 eNews

ShopBot Welcomes You To 2017

Eating Our Own Dogfood
Or Is This Just Shameless Promotion?

In his latest entry, Ted Hall discusses the concept of a company "eating its own dogfood" – for ShopBot, that means using the tools produced to help keep production simple and efficient. This allows a company to not only make great things, but to explore how those things can be better applied.

This is the fourth in a series of articles by Ted Hall on our manufacturing future and new fabrication technologies.

Read all about Ted’s thoughts on “Eating Our Own Dogfood” in part four of his blog series on the Medium website.

Topics this month include:

  • ShopBotters at Work
    • ShopBot Employees Working With The Machines They Produce And Support
  • Machining a Two-Sided 3D Model Created in Solidworks
    By Sallye Coyle
  • ShopBot On The Road
    • ShopBot Visits NC High Schools
  • You Get What You Pay For It's A Dirty Job, But Someone's Got To Do It
  • Training
  • ShopBotters Get Social

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